Random Thoughts on Groundhog Day and Dementia

Random Thoughts on Groundhog Day and Dementia

-Except for a few minutes every year, most people FORGET about groundhogs.

-Groundhogs are sometimes called other names but that DOESN’T CHANGE WHO THEY ARE.

-Groundhogs are good at burrowing and hiding or even biting when they feel threatened. Sometimes they are surprisingly agile to swim or climb a tree if they need to make a quick get-away.

-The groundhog is not usually done with hibernation by Groundhog Day, and yet, even groggy, some rise to do their jobs (possibly wondering what they are doing or why they are there.)

-If we stop expecting someone to do something they’re not able to do, we’ll get less frustrated. A rodent can’t be a meteorologist, so why would we expect him to get it right all the time?

-Even if someone only “gets it right” 39% of the time, KEEP HOLDING THEM UP and watch how they can bring JOY to the moment anyway.

-Everyone needs another chance to be lifted out of the box–people living with dementia and people trying to care well for someone with dementia. Grace is being lifted up and held in safety no matter how well we “perform.”

-When something about today feels familiar and safe, being predictable can be a good thing.

-Even if we’re “stuck” in the same place, doing the same thing every day, WHAT WE ARE DOING STILL MATTERS.

-When we focus on the LIGHT, we help others who don’t know they are only seeing the shadow.

-No matter how long the winter season, SPRING IS SURE TO FOLLOW.


-Cyndy Luzinski

Cyndy Luzinski