Patient Resource Folders

Bridging the Gap: Getting resource information to those who need it

Thank you to a great, collaborative team of people living with dementia, care partners, and other volunteers committed to making our communities more dementia-friendly!  This team worked as an energetic, productive assembly line this week to compile the resource folders for distribution to family practice, internal medicine, and neurology offices in Northern Colorado.

A problem shared by medical providers: It’s difficult to give a dementia-related diagnosis when there’s really “no hope” we can offer…

A problem shared by experts living with dementia: We need to bridge the gap between the many dementia-related resources available in Northern Colorado and the people who actually need to use them…

One attempt at a solution: These folders of simple (NOT an OVERWHELMING amount) of information for medical providers to offer their patientswho are being evaluated for cognitive decline or are living with dementia-related diagnoses.

Medical providers can now offer immediate resource information and concrete strategies designed to help people living with cognitive decline and their care partners discover there IS HOPE to live well even when dementia is part of the journey.   These resource folders were made possible through a grant from the Fort Collins Rotary Club and other donations to Dementia-Friendly Communities of Northern Colorado® (a non-profit 501c3 volunteer organization) which exists so that  NO ONE WALKING THE DEMENTIA JOURNEY HAS TO WALK ALONE.   Through this organization, clinic staff members can also participate in brief dementia-friendly education to help them make their appointments more effective and efficient for themselves and their patients.

See, Dementia-Friendly Communities of Northern Colorado Facebook page, email or call 970-213-4548 for information re: dementia-friendly business training and other collaborative dementia-friendly activities and projects in our communities.

Cyndy Luzinski