Patient Resource Folder

Patient Resource Folder

Medical providers shared, “It’s difficult to give a dementia-related diagnosis when there’s really “no hope” we can offer…”

Experts living with dementia shared, “We need to bridge the gap between the many dementia-related resources available in Northern Colorado and the people who actually need to use them…”

In addition to THIS WEBSITE, our Patient Resource Folders are one of our attempts at a solution to bridge the gap between services and people who need them. Our Patient Resource Folders include simple (NOT an OVERWHELMING amount) of information for medical providers to offer their patients who are being evaluated for cognitive decline or are living with dementia-related diagnoses. Medical providers can now offer immediate resource information and concrete strategies designed to help people living with cognitive decline and their care partners discover there IS HOPE to live well even when dementia is part of the journey. These folders help people get connected right away to others living with dementia and resources to help them live well and avoid the isolation that is all too common with dementia. Our collaborative team of people living with dementia, care partners, and other energetic volunteers committed to creating a more dementia-friendly community form occasional  productive assembly lines to compile the resource folders for distribution to family practice, internal medicine, and neurology offices in Northern Colorado.

Our initial 500 folders were made possible through a grant from the Fort Collins Rotary Club and other donations to Dementia Together. Through our nonprofit organization, clinic staff members can also participate in brief dementia-friendly education to help them make their appointments more effective and efficient for themselves and their patients.

As a non-profit 501c3 volunteer organization, we want to continue leveraging the expertise, resources, activities, and support available in our communities. These folders are one way to do that. If you have a heart to join us in coming alongside some of the potentially most vulnerable people in our communities, please consider sharing generous financial support for our efforts.