Our Stories

Ernie and Kathy at an April Showers-themed Memory Cafe

Ernie & Kathy

Kathy started coming to our support group and learned strategies to help Ernie live with contentment and dignity.  She discovered that her own well-being improved as well when she focused on one of our core values, “being kind is more important than being right.”

She knows and loves Ernie well. Ernie likes to serve, so Kathy encouraged meaning in his day by allowing him to help her, and adjusted the complexity of assistance he provided based on what he could still do.

She is an advocate for her husband in every way as she has accepted more help in his care. Kathy has developed rich relationships with others on this journey.

“The connections with others at support group and memory café are my lifeline.  The opportunity to share with other friends on this same journey makes all the difference.”

Debbie & Jerry

When Jerry was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, the picture of how Debbie and Jerry had envisioned their retirement years stopped matching their reality. Debbie was overwhelmed and depressed. Jerry was miserable as he sensed the stress in his bride and the frustration of his own confusion.

Debbie and her family learned from us how to use the Contented Dementia (SPECAL® method) 3 Golden Rules to change the dynamic in their home.

Debbie has experienced for herself that the path she’s on with Jerry really can be filled with contentment and joy. Both enjoy the interaction and friendship at memory cafes as the highlight of the month. Debbie continues to consult with us to learn additional strategies and techniques to promote Jerry’s well-being as his dementia progresses.

Because of how the strategies have equipped her as a care partner in staying emotionally and spiritually connected with her husband, she has become a resource to her support group and memory cafe friends as well as the entire community.

Debbie often shares, “This path is not what we expected, but it’s still beautiful.”

Debbie and Jerry at our Hawaiian Luau themed Memory Cafe
Jim and Walta pose at our tropics themed memory cafe

Jim & Walta

Jim and Walta serve on our Dementia-Friendly Communities of Northern Colorado® Advisory Board.  They share ideas as experts on the journey for how our community can become increasingly more dementia-friendly.

Walta often shares our pocket cards with clerks and attendants in businesses they frequent and encourages businesses to contact us for quick and easy training in becoming dementia-friendly.

Jim and Walta participate in the B Sharp Arts Engagement® program, volunteer to assemble the patient resource folders which we give to medical clinics throughout Northern Colorado for medical providers to have tangible connection and hope to offer their patients.

Walta and Jim attend our memory cafés, life enrichment activities, support groups, and even went with us on the first ever dementia-friendly cruise (sponsored by Alzheimer’s Speaks) to the Caribbean with their family.

Walta and Jim are choosing to make every day count for good, courageous culture changers sharing joy and making a difference together in our community—even when dementia is part of the journey.