Jim & Walta: Love at the Memory Cafe

Jim & Walta: Love at the Memory Cafe

Love reaches beyond the bounds of time, age, and the challenges of memory loss. With Valentine’s Day approaching, we’re celebrating the love between some of our Memory Cafe participants.

Jim and Walta met in college on a blind date between their sorority and fraternity. Jim says, “I didn’t know what I was getting into, and I still don’t!”

After committing to one another in college, they participated in a pinning ceremony, where Jim gave Walta his fraternity pin and they were serenaded in a ceremony by their sorority sisters and fraternity brothers. “(We were) up to the wahzoo in romance!” says Walta.

After that blind date in the spring, they got pinned and engaged in the fall and married in December. They just celebrated their 62nd anniversary. As Walta says…”It’s worked out so far!”

Watch their story below.

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