Jim & Helen: Love at the Memory Cafe

Jim & Helen: Love at the Memory Cafe

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we’re celebrating the love between some of our Memory Cafe participants.

Jim and Helen met at a singles group at church in Minneapolis, MN. During a coffee break they started talking and Helen said “there was just something about Jim that I really liked.” Jim said “it was that way with Helen too” This was Jim’s first time attending the singles group but Helen had been a few times before. The next time the group met, Helen wasn’t there but her photograph was on the big screen to promote a special interest group. This gave Jim a chance to “really look at her,” and that stuck with Jim.

In regards to their 2 years of dating, Helen said “it was a happy time. We had a great time together.” Jim quickly added, “still are.” Years later, they’re still enjoying blessings together. Helen says, “We still are in love. We haven’t lost that…Covid has given us time to be together.

When giving advice to young couples, Helen thinks it was important to meet someone who was a little older and mature. Jim’s advice is simple: “find somebody just like Helen. but not Helen, and you’ll be well off”

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