Forever Grateful

Forever Grateful

I recently had the privilege of speaking during Dick Foth’s FOREVER GRATEFUL message at Timberline Church,  a message in which Dick insightfully shared truth about gratitude and cognition in a way that resonated with so many people who discovered they are not alone on the journey with dementia or serving as a care partner for one with cognitive challenges.  At the end of the message multitudes of people at every service came forward in response to Dick’s invitation, to stand in proxy and pray for their loved one who didn’t remember, praying to the God who never forgets them.  It was an honor to add a practical strategy and a couple truths specific to dementia including the most important truth I get to share wherever I’m teaching in the community:  “Just because you lose your mind, doesn’t mean you lose your soul.”   Thank you, Louise Morse (UK) for that thought and your work over the years confirming the depth of spiritual connection possible even when dementia is present.    Thank you, Dick Foth, for your courage and inspired timing to share your heart through your authenticity and story telling in a way that is powerfully impacting lives.    Thank you,  Timberline Church for leading our community in becoming more dementia-friendly, offering to host B Sharp Arts Engagement receptions, Dementia-Friendly Leader classes, Dementia Care Partner support groups and classes, and Memory Cafes since 2014.  Your partnership with us helps us ensure that, regardless of faith or worldview,  in Northern Colorado, “no one walking the dementia journey has to walk alone.”

Click here for the message.

Live well,


Cyndy Luzinski