DEMENTIA FRIENDLY LEADERS Making a Difference: Seniors Helping Seniors

DEMENTIA-FRIENDLY LEADERS Making a Difference: Story #3

We are an “in the meantime” organization.  We help people discover that “in the meantime,” until cures for the various causes of dementia are found, we can make life changing differences NOW for people striving to live well with dementia.”  Our purpose is to leverage all the great work being done in Northern Colorado and provide life enrichment opportunities and education where gaps previously existed.  Today, this blog is about leveraging some of that great work done by organizations so committed to extensive staff education and dementia care excellence that they each have achieved annual designation as a Dementia-Friendly Leader®.   The Dementia-Friendly Leader®  home care agencies are working to impact lives of their clients and families  and demonstrate that people living with dementia CAN live well at home with the right resources in place.  We want to share a story with you from Seniors Helping Seniors, a non medical home health care agency, which recently received a letter from a daughter of one of their clients.

“My mother has dementia and when my father, her full-time caregiver, died unexpectedly she came to live with my husband and me.   But we needed to continue working and she couldn’t stay home alone.  So, we found Seniors Helping Seniors.  Now we have a network of caregivers that come Monday-Friday to engage my mom in activities, provide companionship and meals, and above all keep her safe.  While I am at work I take comfort knowing my mom is having a great time – walking at River’s Edge, browsing in a thrift store or enjoying a cup of coffee on our deck. As with dementia-related anything, there have been challenges over the last year and a half.  But there have been as many or more successes and I am grateful to have the help, support & genuine caring to be able to keep my mom at ‘home.’ Thank you, Seniors Helping Seniors, for “brightening the lives of seniors who can benefit from a helping hand and a friendly smile.”

Cyndy Luzinski