Creating a Dementia Friendly Community

The concept of Dementia-Friendly Communities has existed for many years in the UK and Australia. In recent years, Wisconsin and Minnesota have had several communities become dementia-friendly and both states continue with initiatives to assist more communities striving to accomplish dementia-friendly environments. Northern Colorado is inundated with compassionate professionals, care partners, and community residents ready and able to make our area safe and welcoming to all of those who live with cognitive impairment.

Please join us by spreading the word about this initiative to increase awareness and effective responsiveness to those people affected by dementia in our communities. Now is the time to show that we in Northern Colorado believe that all lives matter. We are well positioned to join together to help those living with dementia know that we stand ready to walk their journeys with them, replacing their despair with hope, replacing anxiety with moments of contentment and joy, and replacing isolation with connection.

If you would like to support or participate in this initiative, please email or call Dementia-Friendly Communities at 970-213-4548.

Cyndy Luzinski