Redeeming the Pain

Redeeming the Pain

KAREN GARNER: Dementia expert trains Loveland PD officers after violent arrest | FOX31 Denver (

The Loveland Police Department completed the online “Approaching Alzheimer’s” education and some of the officers wanted additional more indepth education.   As a result, the crisis negotiations team contacted me to help.    Our training includes sharing experiences and tips from the REAL experts–our expert friends living with dementia themselves. The Loveland Police Department crisis negotiation team was humbly grateful to learn additional insights to ensure they respond well to anyone with cognitive challenges.

We can’t fix the pain of how this sad situation hurt Mrs. Garner, her family, or our community, but we can try to redeem the pain now…hopefully through senior care professionals who are skilled in knowing how to care well for Mrs. Garner…through friends and colleagues and community organizations who are supporting the family to help them know they are not alone on this journey…and through promoting the use of dementia friendly strategies–not just for law enforcement, but for employees in healthcare, stores, banks, restaurants, and other businesses…For all of us…every community member.

We all can choose to be more aware, kind, and compassionate…one person…one moment at a time.  That’s how we start redeeming the pain for a greater good.

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–Cyndy Luzinski

Dementia Together